Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm too old for this poop.

My darling, precious boy, in an obvious attempt to inoculate us all against work-a-day pathogens, is spreading our environment with a fine layer of poop.  His poop, somebody elses's poop, it doesn't matter.  Poop is poop, and poop is AWESOME. 

I throw away as many of the poop begrimed items as I can, as this serves two purposes: I declutter, and I get to say, in a voice of calmest ferocity, "See this?  It is covered in poop.  It's going in the trash."  Then I clean, and as I do, my darling, precious boy does not get to watch (ha-HA), because that would be entertaining.  No, he must sit in the corner with his back to me, except when I demand his attention to say, "See this?  It is covered in poop.  It's going in the trash."

So, my gift to you is this, something you could have found if you googled it.  You're welcome.

Oh, and I made lacto-fermented okra pickles.

Yes, I washed my hands first. Gah!

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