Monday, November 15, 2010

About Me

You've probably guessed, based on the title of my blog, that I am not a purist.  What I am is fat and dissatisfied and itchin to make a change.  So, while I may borrow from several different philosophies of eating, I'm not going to get all hung up on any one of them.  I mean, stress kills more people than phytates do, know what I'm sayin? 
Anyway, the goal here is to lose 50 pounds without dieting, eat real food as much as possible, and do it with as much elegance as I can muster.  There are some mitigating factors however:
  1. I am breastfeeding twins
  2. I have 4 kids 4 years old and under
  3. I work (part-time)
  4. One of my kids has multiple food allergies
So, join me won't you, and we'll see how this goes.

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